April 3, 2017
Feature: Scott Caan Rides The Hollywood Wave His Own Way
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    “I’m a high-school drop-out,” Scott Caan says, laughing all the way from Oahu, Hawaii. The 40-year-old actor and LA native is taking time out of shooting the hit CBS show, Hawaii Five-O. Earlier in the day he visited the beach and squeezed in a session with his jujitsu instructor – as far a high school drop-outs go, he’s not

June 19, 2015
Feature: Scott Caan gets to play (in a play he wrote)
Gallery Update Interviews Photoshoots

The LA Times did a little feature on Scott that was released yesterday with a couple of new photos. Here’s an excerpt of the feature: The playwright Scott Caan — yes, the same square-jawed Scott Caan who has appeared in Steven Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Danny “Danno” Williams on CBS’

November 24, 2014
Video: Scott Interview for Manny Pacquiao Movie
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November 12, 2014
Video: Scott & Alex answer fan questions
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November 7, 2014
Video: Scott & Alex on The Talk
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September 6, 2014
The Hundreds Interview + Photoshoot
Gallery Update Interviews Photoshoots

I’ve uploaded 10 pictures of a small photoshoot Scotty did with the Hundreds upon the release of his new book Vanity, you can check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below:     How do you take time to be a photographer with everything else you have going on? I don’t know man. I feel like I get more opportunities than

August 31, 2014
Interview: Picturing Vanity

Before talking with Scott Caan, the actor, I had no idea of what to expect. I mean, I’d seen him on the big screen in Novocaine and all of the Ocean’s series, and on TV in Entourage, but these were just characters, not the man himself. How close to the real Scott Caan were the people he portrayed? While I was supposed to be on

August 30, 2014
Interview: The Documentary Photography of Scott Caan

Scott Caan dabbles in just about everything. On top of starring in Hawaii Five-0, doing theater productions, and yes, his former life rapping in ’90s hip hop group, The Whooliganz, he’s been taking photos over the past decade, shooting intimate and documentary snapshots of his life, his travels and his A-list friends. Caan credits his start in photography in the early