February 7, 2018
Photos: Adaptation x Maxfield SS18 collection Launch
Gallery Update Public Appearances

Happy New Year everyone!! 2018 is up to a great start with Scott attending his first event of the year in Los Angeles last week. Scott attended the Adaptation x Maxfield SS18 collection Launch, head to the gallery to check out the photos.


November 11, 2017
Photos: Sunset on the Beach
Gallery Update Public Appearances

Scott & his Hawaii Five-0 co-stars dressed up yesterday and met the fans on the annual Sunset on the Beach event. I’ve updated the gallery with a shocking 20 pictures of Scott looking good despite his white on white ensemble.


October 20, 2017
Gallery Update: Hawaii Five-0 8.02 “Kau Pahi, Ko’u Kua. Kau Pu, Ko’u Po’o”
Gallery Update Hawaii Five-0 Stills/Screencaptures Television

I’ve updated the gallery with high quality screencaptures of Scott in last week’s episode of Hawaii Five-0.


October 12, 2017
Gallery Update: Vice Principles 2.04 “Think Change”
Gallery Update Stills/Screencaptures Television Vice Principles

I’ve updated the gallery with high quality screencaptures of Scott’s guest appearance on HBO’s Vice Principles last week.


October 12, 2017
Gallery Update: Hawaii Five-0 8.03 “Na La ‘llio”
Gallery Update Hawaii Five-0 Stills/Screencaptures Television

Hey everyone,

as I explained on twitter, it looks like CBS switched episodes 2 & 3 because of the Vegas Shooting episode that happened last week. So episode 8.03 titled “Na La ‘llio” that was supposed to air tomorrow, actually aired last week. So that’s how I’m putting it in the gallery, under 8.03. Enjoy the screencaptures.


October 5, 2017
Video: Vice Principles 2.04 “Think Change” Promo
Television Vice Principles Video

September 30, 2017
Gallery Update: Hawaii Five-0 8.01 “A’ole E ‘Olelo Mai Ana Ke Ahi Ua Ana Ia”
Gallery Update Hawaii Five-0 Stills/Screencaptures Television

Hawaii Five-0 was back yesterday with another explosive episode where the team had to deal with the island being on fire. Scott looked really good and it was great seeing him interacting with the new team member Tani. Head out to the gallery to check out high quality screencapture of the episode.


August 29, 2017
News: Scott Caan to Guest Star in HBO’s Vice Principals
News Television

As the tumultuous school year at North Jackson High continues, a new semester brings big changes – and Gamby and Russell are about to learn that the only thing harder than gaining power is holding on to it. The darkest comedy on television returns to finish what was started when VICE PRINCIPALS kicks off its nine-episode, second and final season SUNDAY, SEPT. 17 (10:30-11:00 p.m. ET/PT), with other new episodes debuting subsequent Sundays, exclusively on HBO.

Guest stars on the second season include Fisher Stevens (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”) as a scholarly rival to Gamby for Amanda’s attentions; Scott Caan (“Hawaii 5-0”) as a teambuilding trainer; Maya Love as Gamby’s daughter, Janelle; and Susan Park (“Fargo”) as Russell’s wife, Christine.

August 23, 2017
Site Update: Scott Caan Web Celebrates Scott’s Birthday & 3 Years Online!
Site Update

Scott Caan Web celebrates today 3 years online since we first went fully online on August 23, 2014!

We want to thank each and everyone of you for all the support you’ve given us since then. We’d also like to celebrate Scott Caan‘s 41st birthday, wishing him a happy birthday spent with family & friends, hoping for bigger and more successful years to come!

To celebrate Scott’s birthday properly, we put up a new layout on the site & the gallery thanks to my friends Carol & Jen. Hope you guys like them as much as I do!

We’d like to encourage people to check out our charity page and make a small donation in Scott’s name if they’d like to celebrate his birthday online. And make sure to follow our site twitter @ScottCaanCom for another small surprise.

May 3, 2017
Photos: Wine For Waves
Gallery Update Public Appearances

A couple of days ago, Scott attended the “Wine for Waves” event by A Walk on Water. The event empowers Surf Therapy for children with special needs. Scott is a big supporter of the charity, so if you have a few dollars to spare, make sure to donate through their official website. I’ve updated the gallery with photos of Scott walking the event red carpet.