October 18, 2014
News: Scott Caan is TVLine’s Performer Of the Week Honorable Mention
Hawaii Five-0 News Television

HONORABLE MENTION | This was not the ending to the Matt Williams storyline that Hawaii Five-0 viewers were expecting. Procedurals tend to wrap up arcs in tidy ways, but as this roller coaster took a nasty turn,Scott Caan made sure we rode it out with him. Danny had found his brother’s stash of cash, only to discover that it was well shy of what Reyes was demanding. And the clock’s ticking. Danny was loath to reach out to Ko, of all people, for a loan (only to get shot down). His heart sank further when Chin Ho made an ill-advised bargain with Malia’s brother to secure more cash. Through it all, Caan made sure we felt how on-edge Danny was. But that was nothing compared to when Reyes fulfilled his end of the deal… by producing a barrel with dead Matt inside. Beside himself, Danny, with McGarrett’s help, overpowered Reyes’ henchmen, then aimed a pistol at the cretin’s cranium — and pulled the trigger. Because of the pained, angry look in Caan’s eyes, we understood Danny’s actions, as dark as they were. [source]